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Cebu Biker News

Cebu Biker News  It is real news from the bikers of cebu & there are compleatly fake stories about biker in Cebu - Fictional stories made to give persons a bad name or something like that -for reasons yet unknow - The Fake Cebu Biker News - has been around some years and buyed Keywords to their writing via seo services online, to sequre that they appear as a strong page.
Innocence by association  They pretend to be supported by certain organization that does not know how they are at all. But pretending to be supported by helping organization might give a positively look & association - But why should a helping charity organization support a website that steal pictures from Facebook pages and from that information there just make up stories about the persons they write about? What is the reasons to that. On the other hand, the fake page that pretend to be about Cebu Biker News" are very heavy in their Fabulizing critics on bikers who really have been active in Charity and helpi…