Cebu Biker News

Cebu Biker News 
It is real news from the bikers of cebu & there are compleatly fake stories about biker in Cebu - Fictional stories made to give persons a bad name or something like that -for reasons yet unknow - The Fake Cebu Biker News - has been around some years and buyed Keywords to their writing via seo services online, to sequre that they appear as a strong page.

Innocence by association 
They pretend to be supported by certain organization that does not know how they are at all. But pretending to be supported by helping organization might give a positively look & association -
But why should a helping charity organization support a website that steal pictures from Facebook pages and from that information there just make up stories about the persons they write about? What is the reasons to that.
On the other hand, the fake page that pretend to be about Cebu Biker News" are very heavy in their Fabulizing critics on bikers who really have been active in Charity and helping needing persons, so it might be some connection, anyway. How strange it yet is sounding.

cebu biker news
On Page after page we can se how the fake "Cebu Biker News" use stolen picture and image to pretend something is bad and fabricate stories about that as a saga out of something by stolen images and picture painting the victims black - and anonymously.
Bikers arrested abu sayaf
Some interesting things kan be to look at the buyed keywords as the machine linking the fake site has. MB's Garden Inn, Mb's Garden inn cebu, Mb's garden inn philippines, Michael Effelberger, Motorcycle. In topics ranging from Abu Sayaf to terrorism ...
Cebu biker news worries about bikers penis function
Cebu Biker News

But then again who know the news about the bikers in Cebu better than the cebu Biker? 
Here the proposed topic seems to be, impotence and male penis dysfunction, Duterte and the tags seems to concentrate on MB's garden in cebu and Michael Effelberger with Motorcycle and Not to forget the more evil infiltration with other topics belonging just in the writers mind of making up fake stories and present them as somewhat "news" labeled. 
Talking abot criminality from a ground of stolen picture and totaly fictional stories! Where is the legitimacy in that? In pressuming that this website is supported by Govermental agencies & Charity organizations? 
Duterte Philippines Cebu
Cebu Biker News 
In the fictional website about Cebu biker news - here we now can se the fake comments with picture and images embedded stole from the same site at the same time - what a coincidence. Besides that comment seemes disabled if you are not a member of the website 
The most obvious pattern is biker and in special terms Michael Effelberger with Outsider MC with their clubhouse in Mactan Cebu located in Basak Kagudoy with Mb's Garden inn hotel. Thats also some keywords that the website have pay for to get visible. One can wonder why someone finds it so important to pay for Keywords instead of getting natural appreciation for the site ... Probably because thats there is nothing natural about stealing images and fabricate stories without labeling them fictional stories. 
Some criminal element that might be desperate enought to find the action meaninfull and worth the investment.
Evil foreigners Cebu biker news
Outsider MC at mactan cebu philippines seems to be interesting to the fake news of cebu blog and website forum.
Cebu biker news fake voting fake comments
Here we can find stolen picture from most of the subject the fake website fabulate stories about. Outsider MC and here their president Michael Effelberger seems to be under an heavy attack.

Cebu biker news 
Outsider MC stolen from the motorcycle club that in the text have become criminals.

Eliminated from society
Eliminated from sociaty 
Here we can see the rhetorical construction of how bad Outsider MC is and that they are very bad and without any reasons like robotics just beat up inocent persons 

Blow his damn head off....
Here comes an underlying messages from the fake websites fake comments that indirectly is a seriopus threat about blowing someone head of, What is the reason of saying that this guy is worthy of shot in the head. After having proposed the fake news that this guy in Outsider MC is responsible for many persons suffering or death? Many clubmembers or supporters where Suffering or dies because of .... Lying trustworthy not even able to say who died, when.
That the hallmark of fake in deep criminal actions that just trying to hide itself from reality. 
Is it the dirty forces behind some arranged manipulations of justuce seemed in cases like Pablo and the ... murder who needs to paint other black to look a little bit lighter. The Methamphetamine connection talks about this and the fact that the Charity of Outsider MC off cause gained positive reaction in the real news from the biker in cebu.